Sunday, 25 February 2007

giggles + shits presents... "LUVVV SUXXX"

Here's how I envisaged the zine looking...

(they are thumbnails, click on 'em to see the bigger pics - the larger the window, the larger the image)

The wonky, poorly cut, crappily stapled version is truly shoddy in comparison.

Yup, I know there are still typos and grammatical errors, and that some of the text's still blurry, if any of the pages can't be read tell me (via comments) and I'll post up the words in beautiful 12pt Times New Roman.

Some opinions would be nice too.


my left wisdom is smarting said...

wow, i've always wanted to make a zine (used to illustrate for literary mags in highschool and newspapers).

you've done a really good job here for a newbie. i need to garner up the courage. tell me, how'd you do it?

anyway, check out my blog if you care to see it.

giggles and shits said...

To me it looks like you've got the basics down. I read your blog and like your style of writing. The fact that you're a graphics student too will help you no end -teaching myself to use photoshop to make the zine was beyond arduous.

Like you, I did a little bit of illustration for high school mags and up until last year I used to be a music reviewer/promoter for the blog of a London gig venue.

I guess this was just an exercise in proaction for me. I am forever coming up with great ideas for things but I can never be bothered to see them to fruition. Even this zine was a "long ting" as we say here. I made my inital version more than a year ago, but I wasn't proud of it and binned it accordingly. This version isn't great, but I'm proud of it. I guess I had something to prove to myself.

If and when I make another it'll be much improved (I hope).

swineshead said...

I think your zine stuff id great..